Neal says it perfectly: "Going to a protest in Jena is pretty much the only reason worth going there."

And Pam of Pandagon is a little pissed at the progressive blogosphere on this story as well. I hadn't noticed the lack of blog coverage because the places I tend to frequent these days have been covering it, but Pam is right. She's right--it is disappointing, but not especially surprising.

The most depressing part of all this, though, is that once this story goes away, no matter how it's resolved, nothing will change in Jena. It'll still be a racist Louisiana town, and in fact, the black community there will likely feel a bit of a backlash from the openly and not-so-openly racist whites in the town who didn't appreciate the spotlight that's been turned on them in the last couple of weeks, feeble as that spotlight has been nationally. Oh, maybe a handful of white residents will feel some shame, but the power structure will stay the same. The cops and the DA aren't going to suddenly become liberal-minded, not when it's in their best interests to stay bigoted. This isn't "In the Heat of the Night" we're talking about here.

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