Locals Moment

Those of us from here know what the tourists don't: that just offshore poop is being pumped into the ocean. We know it because you can't not know. We know it because if you go to the beach often enough, you'll eventually catch a whiff. We know it because it's one of the greatest shames of our region.

And, in an astonishing turn, it may be about to end:

The six pipes that discharge treated sewage into the ocean off southeast Florida would be eliminated under a proposal by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, ending an environmental embarrassment in a state that takes pride in its beaches and coral reefs.

The proposal has gone to Gov. Charlie Crist for approval. It could sharply raise sewer rates in Broward and Miami-Dade counties and, to a lesser extent, in Palm Beach County, with one estimate putting the average increase at nearly $20 a month. Utilities would be forced to invest in elaborate systems to treat and distribute the wastewater for such uses as irrigating lawns and golf courses.

State environmental officials say the cost would be worth it because it would generate a new source of fresh water in a region that desperately needs it, and eliminate a source of pollution suspected of harming coral reefs.
I never thought I'd see the day.

Well, let's see if Crist signs this thing: I might not.

(pic and text stolen from sun sentinel)

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