I Wonder If It's Gonna Suck?

From the Associated Press:

"NEW YORK (Sept. 13) - James Frey is writing a new book, and this time he's calling it fiction.

"The author of the notorious A Million Little Pieces, the addiction memoir he acknowledged largely fabricating, will have a novel released in summer 2008 by HarperCollins. The publisher of Harper Collins told The Associated Press that the novel, Bright Shiny Morning, was a 'kaleidoscopic' portrait of modern Los Angeles."

Astute readers might recall that Frey's debunked memoir was originally shopped around as a novel, but no one was interested until he claimed that the outrageous bullshit he described so poorly actually really happened to him, for serious! At least now he's already got a contract for the novel with HarperCollins-- presumably, he won't have to come back later and say, "Actually, I really viewed L.A. through a kaleidoscope once, so we can call it memoir if that will make people more interested."

Serious, I don't want to be a player-hater. Best of luck, James. We're all pulling for you.

Just kidding. I want him to fail.

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