I must be doing something wrong

The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Wired Campus" blog notes that The Harvard Coop is unhappy with students who are running a website that encourages other students to comparison shop for their textbooks.

That's not what I found interesting (although I do think it's silly that the Coop is shooing away students "taking too many notes" about the books for their classes. I started doing that as soon as I had a credit card and access to amazon.com ten years ago. But I didn't go to Harvard ...).

What I found interesting was in the comments:

It can’t be long before the sweeheart $$$$ relationships among academic book publishers, college bookstore operating sydicates, college administrators, and college faculty are exposed and begin to smell,

Um ... what am I doing wrong that I'm not aware of some "sweeheart [sic] $$$$ relationships" between the publishers and faculty? Is this commenter talking about the sandwiches that publishers occasionally provide us to entice us to their book fairs? Or the desk copies that they send us when we teach a new course?

Ahh ... to live in "everything must be a conspiracy" land. That must be fun.

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