Gah! Gross! Ugh!

There was a dead squirrel in the pool just now!

Let me back up...

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my routine is to run in the morning, quickly rinse off, then swim a few laps in the pool (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when I'm more pressed for time, I just swim). Anyway, my goal for today was to swim ten laps. I got through the first two, then happened to glance to my left...

Dead fucking squirrel!

I'm so grossed out right now. Can you get anything from swimming with a dead squirrel? E coli? Lyme disease? Rabies? Probably not... people swim in lakes and rivers all the time. There's gotta be some dead squirrels in them. But still... did I open my mouth at all while underwater? I doubt it. Why would I do that? But still.

Gah! I'm going to go spend the rest of the day in the shower. And if I don't make it... Emily, I love you. Let Murph have my comic book collection, and make sure none of my enemies try to crash my funeral with their melodramatic "fake grief."


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