From the way you're rolling your eyes, I can tell you're annoyed

What the hell? So O'Reilly has this body language expert, Tonya Reiman, come on the show once a week and "decode" the meaning of people's body language. (apparently, Reiman has appeared on a whole host of programs and in various glossy magazines)

This week, she decoded Hillary Clinton's body language during the massive weekend talk-show whirlwind. Clinton, Reiman explains, has an "evil laugh."

Look, I know that it's pretty clear that some of Clinton's laughter during these appearances is insincere (and she's not the only one who gives the "polite chuckle").

But really, evil laugh? Is this Mr. Burns? Dr. Evil? (Gah. My pop culture references are already outdated ... I don't have time to learn new ones)

In the question and answers section of her website (go check her out here or here), she admits that "Bottom line - body language is not a real language and has no definitions, therefore, readings are interpretations of clustered gestures and context is very important."

As that one cable "news" station would tell you, I just report. You decide.

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