Cause we can't have a three way on a twin bed

Sheesh. I just found this article (via nobody sasses a girl in glasses, which I found reading University Diaries).

Some universities are now offering double beds in dorms.

Because the students "who come from bigger beds" don't like the extra-long twin beds that are staples of dorm life.

I can't even do this justice. Just read this:

"It's amazing," 20-year-old AU sophomore Matt Valdivia, used to sleeping in twins at home in Seattle and at school, said of his new double bed. "Now I can be alive and fit on the bed in every direction. . . . And it is easier to fit multiple people."

At AU, the move toward double beds came after complaints by students that the twins were too small and too childish, said Rick Treter, director of residence life. When a dorm designed with suites of larger single bedrooms was built, the double beds were the ticket. They went to about 115 upperclassmen through a room lottery. Whenever renovation and new construction allow, more double beds will be ordered.

"Our students are constantly giving feedback about having to sleep on a single bed," Treter said. "Many of them are not coming from single beds. Many come from doubles and queens, so they have to readjust to living on the single bed."

Bradley and I keep talking about the ways that we're starting to sound like our parents. That whole "in my day" kind of thing.

At this moment, I think it's actually justified.

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