Bush blah blah blah and the Random Ten

It'll come as little surprise to anyone who comes by regularly to hear that I don't watch King George the Lesser speak. Ever. He could be announcing his resignation, and I'd find out about it late because there is nothing that will make me turn the television off more quickly than finding out that he's going to be on it. I'd rather watch the crews of "Monster Garage" and "American Chopper" face off on "Iron Chef America: Battle Yogurt" than watch the idiot king mangle both accuracy and language for twenty minutes.

So I didn't watch last night, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

I heard some of it on NPR this morning, though, and it sounds like I didn't miss much. In fact, it sounded exactly like what I expected it to sound like--we'll bring some troops some by Christmas, we'll be in Iraq long after I'm not the President, Anbar is safer now, I'm taking General Petraeus' advice, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It's all a bunch of crap, and there have been bloggers with far larger readerships than mine saying so for quite some time now--lots of them in the sidebar there--so I won't belabor the point. I'm really just trying to make it through the next 16 months or so--head down, grinding it out, worrying about more personal matters, like book contests and vasectomy reversals and whether or not to enter the housing market. The dreary day-to-day of a youngish academic (to use those terms loosely), in other words. Today, it's writing assignments for my Poetry classes and The Eumenides for my Drama classes. And then the umpteenth reshuffling and reordering of a manuscript that's seen a Hollywood-esque number of rewrites, in the hopes that some first readers and a final judge will really like it.

And then beer.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your computer's music player on party shuffle and post the next ten songs that show up, even if it is Asia post-Steve Howe. Especially if it's Asia post-Steve Howe. Here we go.

1. Soothe Yourself--Luscious Jackson
2. #3--Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
3. Who Needs Sleep?--Barenaked ladies
4. Bad Businessman--Squirrel Nut Zippers
5. Fly That Know--Talib Kweli featuring MF Doom
6. Crooked Frame--Alejandro Escovedo
7. I Got to Make a Change Blues--Memphis Minnie
8. Preacher--Big Smith
9. Dancing Nancies--Dave Matthews Band
10. The Fear--Stereo MCs

So what's on your playlists? Gimme something juicy.

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