Break Out the Vests...

... cause the 90s are back!

You may recall not too long ago I wrote about how much I missed the 90s, when we all pounded Zimas while watching Melrose Place and trying on vests. There were no unjustified occupations of Iraq or fake wars taking innocent lives (well, I guess the war on drugs was still going on, but I can't be sure-- I was pretty fuckin' baked at the time). We were all united, back in those days, concerned with a few pressing issues. Did Courtney kill Kurt? Did the president have a bent penis? Would the Spice Girls' star ever stop rising?

Well, good news for all you 90s fans out there-- O.J. Simpson has been arrested again. No, it's not murder this time-- just armed robbery. But still. It's making me nostalgic. Anyone besides me feel like hopping in my mom's mini-van, getting a case of Milwaukee's Best and a couple of bottles of Mad Dog, then heading to my friend Craig's house to get drunk in his parents' basement? They, like, never come down there, and he's got a dartboard. It's hella phat. But if you're gonna hurl, make sure you do it outside, preferably in the backyard.

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