The Big Three and the Random Ten

Watching C-SPAN this morning, and the question, for Democrats only, is "what do you think about the big three Democratic candidates statement at the debate that they wouldn't guarantee that we'd be out of Iraq by 2013?" And my only answer is "what did Chris Dodd say?" I don't know that answer yet, but I'm going to find out.

Look, I understand the danger of saying "the world will be this way in five years," and they've certainly learned the lessons of Poppy Bush's "read my lips" moment, but for fuck's sake, people, the country wants out of the war, and out of it now. How hard is that to understand? I've said before that the winner of the 2008 election will be the person who says "we'll start withdrawing on Jan. 20, 2009," and I hope that's still the case. I fear it won't be.

The overwhelming tone of the Democrats calling in, by the way, varies from loathing to disgust.

Here's the Random Ten. Take the first ten songs to pop up on your computer's media player's random setting. It's too early for me to be witty on the rest of this. Here we go.

1. Go to the Mardi Gras--Professor Longhair
2. Hampmotized--Susan Tedeschi
3. Driva'man--Max Roach
4. Ghost of Stephen Foster--Squirrel Nut Zippers
5. Head Wide Shut--Public Enemy
6. Owner of a Lonely Heart--Yes
7. Time Marches On--Dr. John
8. Heroin--Velvet Underground
9. Good Ties Bad Times--Cracker
10. Static/Diamond Bollocks--Beck

So what's on your lists? Or will you change your candidate based on the answer the big three gave to the question above?

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