Another airline pisses me off

And this is happening even though I haven't been on a plane in over a year. This time it's Southwest. For the second time in the very recent past, Southwest employees have told female passengers to either change, adjust, or cover up their clothing or they risked being kicked off a plane. Now understand, these women were wearing more than some of my students wear to class. They didn't show up in a thong and a half-shirt (though even then, they shouldn't be kicked off the plane). And for the life of me I can't figure out what Southwest hopes to gain by this. It's not like flying is all that pleasant these days. Long delays on the tarmac, missed connections, overbooked flights that result in being bumped, missing luggage, security that seems both over-the-top and bumbling (which is a tough combo to pull off)--these are all problems that have only gotten worse over the last five years. It's no wonder Amtrak is seeing record ridership.

And now Southwest wants to add prudery to its list of airline hassles? I'll pass on the obvious irony of the hotpants airline being pissy about what its female passengers are wearing. For an industry that's constantly bitching about how impossible it is to make money, it would seem that the last thing one would do would be to make the experience even less pleasant.

I've used Southwest a number of times recently, to fly Monkey down to visit. Not anymore (and that should make her mom happy as well, since it means a shorter drive for her to the airport). Combine my distaste for Southwest with the nervous breakdowns I get when worrying if my daughter is going to get stuck in a city where neither I nor her mother know anyone due to a missed connection, and I've decided that she's flying non-stop, even if it costs more. AirTran, you're my company. Please don't piss me off. You're all I've got left.

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