There's a better way to handle this. has a couple of articles up this afternoon about health care. The first is one of those all too familiar stories about a person who had insurance, who kept paying her premiums even while between jobs, and who went bankrupt anyway because her insurance company--in this case Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California--fucked her. These stories have been common for more than a decade, but are only recently getting widespread press coverage.

But the second story is what inspired this blog post. It's titled Things insurers don't want you to know," but a more accurate title might be "You're going to get fucked, so here's what to expect."

The premise of the article is a little dishonest, I think, because it says in the second paragraph "Taking some simple measures now can help prevent problems later," but the article doesn't really give you much in the way of help other than to say "get everything in writing," which is sort of common-sense. But the title is accurate in the sense that if the public at large knew just how many ways insurance companies use to get out of paying for care they've contracted to cover, they'd be swarmed by mobs with pitchforks and torches, and legislators would be next, held ransom until single payer universal health care became a reality.

And guess what--that's the better way to handle this.

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