Talking to the Mayor

Amy's been posting her back and forth with the crupid (or, to use her word, stubatshit) Mayor of Fort Lauderdale in the comments, but I, being the egomaniac I am, decided to post my back-and-forth on the front page. I'll update if he gets back to me on my last reply.

When I started out, it's obvious I didn't think he'd actually reply personally. Turns out I was mistaken, so I'll give him credit for that much (although I still think is a ridiculous email address for the mayor of a city of over 100,000 people). So here it is--my conversation with the homobigoted Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Dear Whoever-Is-Actually-Reading-These-Emails,

I feel sorry for you, if you've been stuck with the job of answering Mayor Naugle's emails right now. You're put in the position of defending a particularly odious man, a man who apparently has hated gays for his entire tenure in public life, and has only now, because he has been term-limited out of office, decided to make his true self known to the rest of the world, to the detriment of the city he claims to love.

Mayor Naugle, if you're the one actually reading this, if you haven't set your email to auto-reply or assigned some aide or intern to weed through the thousands of emails you're receiving, then here's what I really want to say to you. Resign. Go fulfill your dreams of gay hatred from some private industry job. I'm sure there's an AM radio station just dying to give you a time slot, or some newspaper group ready to syndicate a bi-weekly column full of conservative pseudo-Christian hatred (because Jesus would never pull the crap you've pulled) for you. Just stop maligning the citizens of this city in the process. Stop doing it on the taxpayer dime. Stop damaging our city's reputation to satisfy your inner hatred of homosexuals.


Thank you for your email. I don't hate gays. I am just a mayor who wants to stop the illegal activity that is taking place in our parks and public places.

Dear Mayor,
Then you're a liar and unworthy to hold the position of Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, because it has been pointed out multiple times that there is no significant illegal activity taking place in our parks and public spaces. Further, you've singled out the gay community for activity that is not uncommon among heterosexual couples. Why is that, sir? Why single out gays if you don't harbor some bias against them?

I suspect you're using gay hatred as a stepping stool to some future activity, and you're doing it at taxpayer expense. You are dishonest in your arguments, sir, and you are dishonest as to your motives, and you bring shame to our city and its inhabitants as a result.


Thank you for your email. We made two more arrest in the park on Monday.


Dear Mayor,
According to local news sources, there have been a total of eight arrests in the last two years, and five of those were done in one sting. That's hardly an epidemic of public sex in an area of this size. And again I ask--why are you singling out the gay community on this matter? I assure you, heterosexual couples have sex in public places. It's practically a cliché to hear stories of kids who were conceived in the back seats of their parents' cars. Or is it just that gays get you news coverage because they're a minority you can usually pick on and know that at least one segment of the community will back you because of their own gay hatred?

Find a different scapegoat, Mayor. The gay community and their straight allies (like me) aren't going to drop this.

He's not exactly long-winded. There's also nothing reported in the Sun-Sentinel's pages about the two most recent arrests, at least not that I could find.

I also don't think Naugle is going to resign. He's in it until he's forced to leave the office, no matter what damage he does along the way. He has accomplished one good thing, though. He's brought attention to the position of Mayor in the city. Naugle has apparently been re-elected so many times in part because he's a close friend of developers, and because the position is surprisingly low profile. The fact that the election is generally held in February or March doesn't help things either. Hopefully this will change the next time there's an election for the post, and citizens will pay more attention.

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