The Sun-Sentinel Gets It Right

Here is an interesting, sensible editorial from this morning's Sun-Sentinel, arguing that the Board of Governors should be responsible for setting tuition at Florida's state universities and community colleges. This is, after all, one of the reasons the group was created back in 2002.

The editorial suggests-- and I happen to agree-- that the decision to give this power to the Board should be an obvious one-- they know the university system, they know what it needs, and giving them this power wouldn't be giving universities a "blank check" to just spend money recklessly (though I must admit, I'm hoping to get a fireman's pole and a waterslide in the English Department office)-- the legislature and governor will still have a role to play in terms of funding higher education, which is as it should be. But while Florida may pride itself on providing low-cost educational opportunities to students, as the editorial points out, "the state simply can't operate a top-notch university system on the cheap." And it is in the state's best interests to have a top-notch university system-- it's good for the individuals who take the classes, and it's good for the state's economy to have highly-educated people living and working here.

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