Someday Satori

Is getting some good press here tonight: she turned us on to this amazing film about "Prussian Blue" the "Nazi Pop Twins" (name o' the film) that you will recognize from this photo:

What's amazing is how much sympathy you will have for this two girls, who, as manipulated as they are, as dangerous as their home situation is, still manage to make it known that "white pride" is not what they want to be about.

You'll also be proud of the behavior of all other Americans outside of this small group -- this is a British documentary, after all, and I do hate to see my countrymen make us all look bad. Far from it, the people of California and Montana show amazing strength and resolve in standing up to the "Prussian Blue" menace.

And these two girls are almost there. Oddly enough, it's those very famous t-shirts that play into a terrifying semi-confrontation with their mother in the end -- revealing both their innocence and their mother's deviousness.

This is the most seriously dysfunctional family I've ever seen -- if these girls come out of it half-sane, it'll be a miracle. I'm not a pray-er, but I'm praying these girls will fight their way into normal society. It's not going to be easy for them. Nor for their little sister Dresden.

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