Some reading for your Sunday evening

If you haven't already seen these, you should go check out the blog posts by John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO and Andy Stern of the SEIU over on the Huffington Post. Both union leaders discuss the current situation at the Crandall Canyon Mine and the importance of unions in terms of worker safety (the Crandall Canyon Mine is a non-unionized mine, by the way).

The situation is a tragedy - dead miners, dead and injured rescuers. As these union leaders remind everyone, even as we mourn for the situation, we also need to remember that such tragedies are generally preventable when worker safety is truly important to the management (and that is often going to take pressure from unions).

They both say it better than I can, so go read their posts.

Edited at 11:15 for spelling. I cannot spell. Apologies

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