On the issue of visas

From The Daily Mail:

Singer Lily Allen launched a foul-mouthed attack on US president George Bush during her V Festival performance.

Miss Allen, cancelled an American tour after immigration authorities revoked her visa over an alleged assault on a photographer

According to Scotsman.com News, this is what happened in regards to her work visa:

Allen's visa, allowing her to work temporarily in the US, was revoked this month after the 22-year-old was detained for five hours at Los Angeles International Airport when she arrived from Australia.

The singer said she had no idea why she lost her visa. She had been detained in connection with her arrest in June after an incident outside a London nightclub in March. She received a warning from police but was not charged with any crime.

So, Lily Allen's work visa was revoked a few weeks ago, and she's had to postpone her tour because the reinstatement is taking much longer than expected. (She did stay for a bit on a tourist visa, but she's obviously back in England now)

I know this isn't major ground-breaking news. But seriously, if border agents let this guy in ... well. You can be the judge of that. It's fluff anyway ... mostly.

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