Off to Paradise

And now, to celebrate the future Dr. Isaacson's recent completion of her dissertation, the current Dr. Bradley's recent completion of summer teaching, and the (almost) five year anniversary of the night we met, Emily and I are on our way south, down to the land of Hemingway and Buffett.

We've had a lot of new visitors to our blog in recent weeks, so many of you probably don't know much about our personal lives. When I was in college (back around 1872), I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease lymphoma-- it's usually a highly curable cancer, but I seemed to have it pretty bad. I would up doing standard chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and an autologous bone marrow transplant (which means they "transplanted" my own, pre-chemo bone marrow back into me after a particular aggressive drug regimen). I had two relapses before I was 24 years old- doctors suggested I had about a 40% chance of living past 27

The good news is, I'm 31 now and haven't had a relapse since February, 2000. But, earlier this year, I had quite a scare-- my doctors though they detected a secondary malignancy. This would've been bad-- Emily and I were both quite worried that this would lead, eventually, to the cancer that would kill me. So we met with doctors, I had a biopsy, we took stock of our finances, and-- let's face it-- we drank a lot. Miraculously (or, if you're an atheist, statistically-improbably), the biopsy results wound up showing no signs of disease-- my scans revealed what is called a "false positive" report of cancerous activity. So, to celebrate, Emily and I went to Key West for the very first time and, as you can imagine, had the very best vacation of our lives there. We've gone several times since and-- while no visit has quite been as awesome as that first, "I'm gonna live afterall!" experience-- each time has been remarkably awesome.

So, here's some youtube footage of Duvall Street. Sorry about the Jimmy Buffett, but I think you'll get a sense of the place's beauty-- and bar scene-- from this.

Talk to all y'all on Friday. And if you need a discussion question, here's one-- Dennis Hastert-- punk-ass bitch or bitch-ass punk?

Keep it real!

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