Odds and Ends

I can't quite bring myself to get properly riled up over political matters at the moment. I keep waiting for James Naugle to email me back, but I guess he's busy plotting his next press conference. And I'm fairly psyched that yet another Republican has been caught in a gay sex scandal, but it's just become old news now. At this point, I'm much more impressed that John McCain appeared on The Daily Show last night and didn't solicit anyone in the men's room, you know? Plus, as others have pointed out, as nice as it is to see these hypocritical closet cases get their comeuppance, it still seems like a ridiculous waste of resources to have policemen hanging out in restrooms waiting to bust closested gay men who don't have the confidence/social skills/ charisma/ whatever to actually pursue other men in more socially-acceptable ways. As I've said before, I don't condone sex in public restrooms-- mostly because I'm afraid someone might Naugle all over the toilet paper roll-- but it's also not high on my list of crimes that need to be dealt with right away.

The first day of school was quite good, though. Good classes. Students seem fairly sharp, for the most part. And I'm psyched about what I'm going to be teaching. I don't know if other people are like me, but I absolutely love the first day of school-- and I have since college. I love the university life, and I love seeing so many people of so many different backgrounds coming together, united in their pursuit of an education. I know, I know-- that's an idealistic way of viewing things; many of these students are only in college because they think it's a path to a high-paying job and a house in the suburbs once they're through sowing their wild oats. Bite me. I prefer my point-of-view-- these people have all gathered together to gain wisdom, man.

And now, I suppose, I should get back to my real work of getting some essays ready to send out. I've got three pieces that are ready to go (I think), but they're not going to put themselves in envelopes.

Oh, and for all of our readers who own publishing houses and just love memoirs about cancer... drop me a line. I've got a good, unpublished book I think you'll want to read.

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