O lovely hypocrisy!

It's gotten so common to see hypocrisy among right wing blowhards that there's little sport in it these days. But lets have some anyway.

So Ted Nugent roams a concert stage while toting automatic weapons, calls Barack Obama "a piece of -----" and says he told Obama to suck on one of his machine-guns. He also calls Hillary Clinton a "worthless bitch" and Dianne Feinstein a "worthless whore."

That Nugent, he's a man's man. He talks the talk and walks the walk, right?

Except when it was time to register for the draft during the Vietnam era. By his own admission, Nugent stopped all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showed up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment. Creative!

Hey Motor City Loudmouth--I've got something to add to your setlist.

On second thought, no. Sir Robin only wet himself once in battle, not before.

Hat tip Crooks and Liars

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