No longer a question of if

Michael Vick is going to jail. For now, this is only a prediction, but it's heading toward certainty pretty quickly. Everyone else in the case has already pleaded guilty and Vick is on his own now.

A statement signed by Phillips as part of his plea agreement said Vick participated in the execution of about eight dogs, some by drowning and hanging.

“Phillips agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts of Peace, Phillips and Vick,” the statement said.

Peace and Phillips were charged with conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture. Tony Taylor of Hampton pleaded guilty last month and will be sentenced Dec. 14. Vick faces the same charges.

Vick is now in the unenviable position of looking for a plea bargain while having nothing to bargain with. If I had to guess, the federal prosecutors may take a deal simply to avoid a celebrity trial, because we've all seen what can happen in those, but they're not likely to budge much. And why should they? They have what looks like mountains of evidence and 3 conspirators who have all agreed to testify against Vick.

The 3 conspirators are all going to do jail time for their parts in the dogfighting enterprise, and that means Vick will too, most likely. And the sooner the NFL Commissioner boots Vick out of the league, the better off for them as well.

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