Naugle's still at it

And he's finding himself with fewer and fewer friends, which is a good thing. Today it was the local tourism industry's turn to ask Naugle to just shut the hell up already.

The leaders of Broward County's tourism industry demanded Thursday that Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle stop his attacks on homosexuality even as he pressed them to change marketing designed to lure gay tourists.

Executives of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau and members of the Tourism Development Council accused Naugle of damaging the reputation they sought to craft in the two decades since the demise of Spring Break. They said while some gay tourists and gay-oriented conventions are reconsidering visiting, Naugle's comments have others fearful of coming if there is rampant public sex.

Naugle's only real friends now are the far-right nutter community and perhaps the developers who haven't filed for bankruptcy yet, but they're in no shape to help him. Today's demand was for him to stop the rhetoric. Before long, I hope, the demand will be for him to resign. Our local economy is in bad enough shape from the bursting housing bubble--we don't need to have a major tourist segment start boycotting us because of one loud-mouth who happens to be mayor.

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