My fellow Floridians,

Yeah, that sounds sufficiently pompous for a request for our Florida readers. Florida's CFO is warning Floridians that we'd better get ready for life without no-fault insurance, unless we get the legislature on the stick. Here's the biggest reason from today's article in the Sun-Sentinel to worry:

Auto insurers have pushed to end the current system, saying it is rife with fraud and promising rate reductions should it expire in October.
When an insurance company promises rate reductions, run. Run as fast as you can, and keep a hand on your wallet the whole way. Insurance companies are never looking out for the customer's benefit--they're looking for increased profit, as their corporate charters mandate they do. Ronald Reagan was famous for saying "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" More accurate would be to say "I'm with the insurance industry, and I'm looking out for your best interests."

So here's a place to start. Find your 9-digit zip code here. Find your Florida State Representative here. Find your State Senator here (left column, near the bottom). And then write them. Below is the email I sent to my Representative and Senator--feel free to use it as a template if you wish. Be concise and polite, but express the urgency of getting this done. Thanks.

I'm writing to encourage you to make some time in the upcoming legislative session to renew Florida's no fault insurance law. It's an important issue to Floridians since we're so dependent on cars in this state. (We can talk about the need for expanded public transportation another time.) Auto insurance companies want to do away with no-fault because it limits their ability to raise insurance rates and increase their profits at the expense of the average working Floridian. We're already in a bind due to the crashing housing market and cutbacks in state services--we don't need to add to the burden of Florida's working people. Please consider this a priority for the upcoming session. Thank you.

Crossposted at the Florida Progressive Coalition blog.

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