My Email to Naugle

Dear James Naugle,

Please add my name to the growing list of concerned South Florida citizens who would like for you to apologize for your recent homophobic remarks. Your poorly-chosen words have hurt a lot of people, and they've resulted in a massive amount of ill-will being directed to your city-- a city which, I think we can both agree, is generally a really nice place.

Please don't misunderstand me-- I'm neither a proponent of nor apologist for sex in public places. I agree that the law should always be upheld. What I object to is your description of this phenomenon as a "gay problem," when in fact-- according to law enforcement officials-- this really isn't an issue at all. You've manufactured a controversy and received lots of free publicity, but in the end I'm afraid that your slanderous remarks about an entire group of people will wind up destroying the city you represent (and presumably feel some affection for). So, please, in the name of decency and respect for others (as well as for the sake of your city), apologize to the gay community for suggesting that their sexual orientation makes them a danger to others.

Best wishes,

William Bradley
Boynton Beach

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