"The miscreant fringe"

Jim Naugle's getting a lot of email these days, as one might expect of a homophobic mayor of a city with a large gay population and a large gay-friendly tourist industry. Especially when he continues to up the ante by making ever louder proclamations about what gays are supposedly doing in public places. The emails that the mayor's office forwarded to the Sun-Sentinel ran roughly 2 to 1 in support of the mayor. We need to change that, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Bradley wrote earlier that Naugle may be positioning himself for a post-Mayoral career in either a higher office or in broadcast media. At this point, I'm thinking the latter is most likely, because his support locally is limited. We have our wingnuts down here--one of the first mega churches in the US is on Federal Highway (I often raise my finger in salute as I drive past it) and I've written about my experiences with Brother Micah--but they're not enough to put anyone in Congress. Maybe the state legislature, but I doubt Naugle wants that sort of small fry. Not when a lot of his support is coming from outside Florida. Here are some of the letters:

"You should run for president! Thank you for your stand," hailed Dana Jones, a county commissioner in Cherokee County, North Carolina..

"It's time us straight people started taking our country back from these sick people and make them either get help for their disease or go to jail," wrote Robert Moon in Fort Worth, Texas, to the mayor.

Charming. The Florida ones aren't any better.

"We are glad to see that there is still someone looking out for families and morality. Some of our very good friends at Coral Ridge Towers South are gay. We like them very much. ... but the line has to be drawn," wrote Jack and Sally Tully....

"We appreciate your stand and encourage you to follow through with your convictions against evil in our city. We are truly blessed to have you in leadership," wrote Carol Krupta of Coral Ridge Ministries.

Let me just say this--Jack and Sally, y'all are assholes, plain and simple. If you're throwing your "friends" under the bus, you're not their friends, and I'm glad your gay neighbors have now had a chance to see you for what you are.

At least half the emails the Sun-Sentinel quoted came from out of state. It would be nice if they'd broken that down for us as well, but judging from the tone of the out-of-state emails, it's hard to imagine that Naugle has anything resembling a groundswell of support locally.

You can email Mayor Naugle at mayorjames@aol.com. At least, that's the email address provided on the city's webpage. Please be civil--don't get yourself into trouble over this--but be strong in your opposition to Naugle's policies and statements.

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