John Gibson Can Bite Me

I don't really have it in me today to offer up much witty commentary or pithy remarks-- I just finished revising the two essays I've been working on all summer and I think they're actually, legitimately done. Well, one of 'em might not be done. I'm going to have to look over that one again in a couple of days. But the other one's done. It's been a productive day.

Anyway, I didn't want any loyal Incerters to think I'm not paying attention to politics and punditry today, 'cause I surely am. Came across this hiiiiii-larious gem, wherein world-famous no-talent spinmeister John Gibson makes fun of the phenomenally talented and world-beloved Jon Stewart for... get this... being sad after September 11th! Seriously, you've got to listen to the audio-- it's Stewart's famous, tearful monologue about the way the New York skyline's been tragically transformed, and Gibson and his masturbating monkey sidekick are making fun of it, Mystery Science Theatre-style. It's unbelievable.

So, just so everyone's clear--the far-right says it's now officially cool to make jokes about September 11th. Sensitive people will probably refrain, but I'm sure some of you have some Challenger jokes* leftover from the 80s that you can polish off and work around this more recent national catastrophe.

Seriously. Making jokes about 9/11, on a conservative radio show. Could it be...? Do you think...? By gum, I think we've got another example of crupidity on our hands!

*For the benefit of all of our recent visitors who are quite young and might not know their history, the phrase "Challenger jokes" refers to a film called Rocky III, wherein the main character-- a young, talented boxer named Clubber Lang-- challenges the champ to a fight and wins, but loses his title quickly as the former champ enters into a Faustian bargain with another previous champ to acquire a mystical artifact called "The Eye of the Tiger," which allows him to vanguish his challenger in disgrace. Clubber Lang's tragic fall left America-- nay, the world-- shaken to its very core. Some say we never recovered.

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