Great Moments in Crupidity

Crupidity is rare. It manifests itself in comments that combine self-destructive insanity with massive, massive stupidity.

So today, I submit to you-- pretty much without comment-- Rudy Giuliani's claim that he spent as much-- if not more-- time at Ground Zero as 9/11 rescue and emergency workers.

He's trying to claim that posing for pictures and talking to reporters makes him just as brave and heroic as the people who actually risked their lives-- and later, often got very sick-- out of altruism and a desire to help their fellow man.

Are people really going to stand for this? Have we really forgotten everything we learned about heroism on September 11th that we're willing to allow anyone to appoint himself yet another 9/11 hero? I don't think so. I think Rudy's campaign is now officially over, and that Mitt Romney just won the nomination.

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