A Gordon Lee/ Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Update

Rome, Georgia comic book retailer Gordon Lee's trial for "obscenity" charges (and by "obscenity" charges I mean "one uptight, busy-body mother making trouble for an innocent man" charges) begin tomorrow, after a brief delay caused by the courthouse's air conditioning breaking down. The trial may be over by the end of the week. Which means you can expect another update from me... at the end of the week. Emily and I will be in lovely Key West drinking our way down Duvall Street and eating the occasional conch fritter. And I'm not bringing the laptop with me-- no sir. I'm not bringing anything to work on, and I'm not bringing anything that could conceivably stress me out.

Check out New York Magazine's very cleverly-titled take on the case. And, if you've got the means but haven't had the opportunity, take a moment and throw a few dollars to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They've already spent $80,000 defending this guy from these lunatics. They can use all the help they can get.

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