F-You, NYTimes Ad Whores!

I don't usually put an "F U" in my header, but this is f-ing ridiculous. I go to the NYTimes website expecting to find some news and opinion, and instead I find some very un-ironically offered ANTIworker propaganda. ANTIworker in 2007. That's about as funny as ANTIblack in 1860. Yeah, that's right: I'm saying a war is coming. Look at this s#!t...

Clicking on it takes you to "the center for anti-union propaganda": they call themselves something slightly more vainglorious but that's the gist. I'm not even going to bother to explain why everything on this website is an obscene lie -- I'm just going to point out that the reason the working class in America is in such poor shape right now is because of exactly this kind of asshole club, no doubt bought and paid for by the GOP and staffed by grinning Young Rethugs, and if I knew where they lived I'd toilet-paper their mansions and bentleys, the stupid fat cat evil baby-eating pieces of shit.

Man, what a f-ing way to wake up in the... uh... "morning." :-D

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