The Big Question Lingering from this morning's Iowa Democratic Debate

Is, of course, was that a housefly?

Or a horsefly?

The second biggest question is, why are the insects conspiring to undo Chris Dodd's candidacy?

"Candidacy," incidentally, comes from the Latin word for "white" or "brilliant" -- in Republican Rome, candidates for office set themselves off from the crowd by powdering their togas to a bright shiny white. Bright and white like Chris Dodd's hair. Which makes a great contrast to offset small dark things. Crawling across your head. Like a fly.

All I could think is, "this is his campaign manager's worst nightmare: to have to do political triage after a fucking bug."

Nonetheless, I laughed hysterically. As did my whole family. And then we rewound the tivo and watched it again.

Bless you Chris Dodd. You're a trooper. But you should consider using a little less hairspray.

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