Because Antagonism is the Only Language They Speak

First the good news: Jeanie Curtiss got her job back.

You hopefully remember the Fort Lauderdale bridge tender who was robbed of the job she loved by some far off company to whom the city misguidedly outsourced the bridge maintenance (that bridge is now closed because in addition to taking bucketloads of taxpayer money and barely paying the bridgetenders anything, they also were not apparently doing a very good job of maintaining the bridge) because she said "hey howdy I love my job!" to a passing reporter.

Now here's the thing: Jeanie Curtiss, like most working class people, is a nice person. She's the kind of person who is respectful to her boss -- making sure to get permission before speaking to a reporter, even for a fluff piece about a wonderful little bridge in a wonderful little city. She's the kind of person to do a little extra work for free -- demand those overtime hours? No, I love my job. I'll go ahead and do it and not make a fuss, just to keep things running right. How many of us have done the same thing?

Which is why when her firing hit the papers and people started writing letters of protest, and a labor lawyer offered to take her case for free, Jeanie Curtiss didn't want to do it: she didn't want to be all adversarial with her bosses -- after all, she loved that job, she just wanted to return. So it took until she was about to be homeless before she allowed the lawyer to send a very weak letter saying that Ms. Curtiss is within her rights to sue, but really doesn't want to. All she wants is her job back, and, the lawyer added, they should give her back pay and the overtime pay they still owe her.

As a result, they gave her back her job. At which point I say: "soulless, evil, motherfuckers. You make me sick. You wouldn't give this poor woman her job back until she got a lawyer. You have no respect for human life, and only fear litigation -- you are scum, scum, scum."

But it's worse than that. Oh obviously they didn't give her the back pay and overtime pay. We were expecting that. I mean, these are disgusting pigmosters who will spend eternity as intestinal worms keeping Satan's colon clean (it's moments like this that I wish I really did believe in that sort of thing). But what really makes them detestable despicable cretins unworthy of Satan's large intestine is that, sure, they hired her back, but since she's a "new employee" she no longer has seniority.

The Sun Sentinel update says someone also just showed up on the bridge and told her to sign a paper -- what the hell was that all about?

It's time for Ms. Curtiss to stop being nice. It's time she, and all working people, realized that the bosses only understand ONE tone of voice, and it's not a "nice" one. They are Hellspawn and Hellbound, and there is no point in treating them as you would treat your fellow man. Don't worry: you work out on that bridge all alone. You won't have to see them everyday. But you make sure they know that you will not lay down and take any more of their stupid self-serving dick slaps. Enough is enough.

The Sun Sentinel update mentions several times that this outsourcing is ripe for revoking (ie: this company's contract is about to expire). We cannot let this company renew this contract, and we cannot let some other company scoop it up: this job needs to be a well-paid CITY job, with benefits and protections. And a union. No more "nice lady." You were a merchant marine, Jeanie Curtiss -- you can hand-crank a swing bridge. Show them your muscle.

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