And he just won't stop ...

Jim Naugle had yet another news conference today.

At a news conference in front of City Hall on Tuesday, Naugle and other speakers called on gays to end promiscuous sex in order to stem Broward County's HIV/AIDS crisis. Though the health department has no statistics concerning how many cases of HIV are contracted via sex in public bathrooms or parks, Naugle has tied the two issues together.

Naugle's of course using outdated statistics. Broward county is no longer the first in the nation in new AIDS cases among gay men.

Black, heterosexual women make up a significant number of new HIV cases. Women make up a third of the 6,913 HIV cases diagnosed in Broward in the past 10 years.

And if it weren't enough that the speakers discussed the health crisis that Naugle is claiming (admittedly, news AIDS cases are fairly high, but as you can see above, they're not isolated to the gay community), the speakers veered into discussions of morality of homosexuality.

They're really reaching in their logic. In an effort to acknowledge that the new cases of HIV and AIDS in the county are not isolated to the gay community, one of the speakers explained that this

could be attributed to men on "the down low,'' that is men in heterosexual relationships who engage in gay sex and infect their wives or girlfriends.

Really, I'm hoping this is going to end soon. Damn, damn, damn. My head hurts from this.

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