Sorry everyone

We in Florida are using more than our fair share of gasoline. The state is number 3 nationally in terms of gasoline consumption, but 4th in population size. According to The Sun-Sentinel, our "appetite for gasoline has grown at twice the national average in the past five years."

Okay, not ours specifically, because Bradley and I drive a fuel efficienct car (and we only own one car for the two of us). But still, we live in a state with minimal mass transit and everything sprawls all over the place.

As far as I can tell, something like 75% of the vehicles I see on the road are giant SUVs or trucks. Okay, I might be exaggerating on that, but seriously, who needs a Hummer to commute? There are an awful lot of vehicles of the road that are not fuel efficient, and the new legislation really isn't going to do a whole lot to change that.

I'm all for an SUV ban. I can understand a certain need for some of those pick-up trucks (my step-dad comes from a family of farmers - so I understand the necessity of such a vehicle for certain types of work). But really, do you need to drive your two-ton hemi on the interstate just to get to the grocery store?

I might be a little bitter about this, since we were rear-ended last summer by one of those. Hmm ... I'll think about that. Still, we're gas-guzzlers around here.

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