Savin' It

Marie Claire has published a fascinating article about virginity pledges, and one woman's journey from being the property of her father to being the property of her husband.

I'm being neither fair nor balanced here, I know. Oddly enough, though, the article is remarkably fair, as the interviewer seems to keep a genuinely open mind even while confronting these people who are kind of... freaky. There's Randy, the father of the bride who takes what I consider a deeply unnatural interest in the sanctity of his daughter's vagina. There's Lisa, the mother of the bride who thinks Randy's concern about his daughter's purity is sweet. There's Brett, the groom who, at first, only knew that he wanted to marry one of Randy's "gorgeous" daughters; it didn't matter which one, though now he does seem genuinely smitten with the one he got. And then there's Lauren, the bride, who honestly feels like staying a virgin until getting married at 22 has prepared her for a lifetime of wedded bliss. Since she hasn't experienced anyone else, she doesn't feel like she's missing anything, is the sense you take away from the article.

Anyway, fascinating and horrifying stuff. Thanks Pandagon, for pointing it out.

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