Our saviour has arrived!

Yeah, I've got a little wine in me and I'm feeling snarky. Here's why.

Unity08, which has support on the national level from people who've been involved in Democratic and Republicans candidates, hopes to propel an independent ticket into the White House next year.

Locally, organizers plan to get people from Broward and Palm Beach counties involved and will hold a public meeting Thursday evening.

Yup. Unity08 is coming to town to tell us how to get past the whole two party system in the United States by, ummm, choosing people from the two parties and running them as a hybrid of sorts.

Now, when it comes to cars, I like hybrids. And in animals--I've got no problem with the mule, though its sterility causes some breeding problems. But I'm not so wild about it in my politics, at least not the way its presented here.

There's a couple of reasons why. The first is that I generally find myself voting for a hybrid of sorts anyway. It's rare that I have a candidate for any office that's as far to the left as I am. I think the last time it happened was in San Francisco, to give you some idea, though my member of Congress is pretty good, so the result is that I wind up with voting for someone who shares some, but not all, of my views.

The second has to do with Unity08's definition of unity. According to the article, "The idea is to come up with a presidential and vice presidential candidate from each party, and, using the Internet, try to get that person elected." The assumption is that if you take one of theirs and one of ours, we'll get someone more worth electing than will come from either party alone. What do you suppose are the chances that the candidate from the Democrats will have the politics of, say, Barbara Boxer or, even though he's not a Democrat, Bernie Sanders? No, more likely it'll be someone along the lines of Joe Effing Lieberman or Michael Bloomberg. Why should I support someone like that?

So, good luck to them, I suppose. They're on a fool's mission, I believe, because the one thing Democrats and Republicans have been able to agree on for the last 150 years is that there should be two, and only two parties in control, and they've rigged the game pretty damn well.

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