On Spoilers

The news is full of stories today about leaks in the Harry Potter case. From the sound of it, you'd think this was the story of a CIA agent working on WMD matters being outed for political reasons, but no--this is far more serious.

Not to be too snarky here, but it's just the end of a series of books, and it's not like knowing who lives and dies before you finish, or even begin, reading the book is going to affect your enjoyment of the novel. So when I read that J. K. Rowling is mad because Michiko Kakutani and the NY Times reviewed it early, I have to think "let it go." It's not like this book is going to flop as a result. It's the biggest freaking book in the universe this year, and it's not like anyone's reading experience will be diminished by leaked details.

I probably won't get around to reading the last of the books for a month or so. I pre-ordered it for Monkey, but not for myself, which means I'll have to wait to read how it ends, but I'll know not long after the book is released how it ends--and that won't matter. If a book has to rely on a twist to be any good, well, it's no good. A good twist, after all, makes you read more carefully, looking for subtle hints along the way, clues that you might have missed in your push to find out the ending.

Let me add, that if this is what has Rowling twisted, she really, really needs to relax. Kakutani didn't ruin a damn thing in that review, even by more conservative standards regarding spoilers than mine.

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