Okay, Seriously-- Can This Really Be Mere Stupidity?

Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle's putting us on. He's got to be. Nobody's as stupid as this guy pretends to be, right? I mean, this is performance art, right?

We've written about the mayor before, but to refresh your memory: Naugle is the homophobic mayor of Ft. Lauderdale-- an otherwise lovely city-- who also thinks that all poor people are lazy, beer drinking slobs. At no point did Naugle have to worry about MENSA badgering him to join them, but in recent weeks he's taken stupid to entirely new levels, advocating that the city replace its public restrooms with robotic, self-cleaning toilets in order to keep gay men from sodomozing each other in them.

Seriously. This guy thinks that, without robotic toilets, "the gays" are going to exercise their savage man-lust all in full view of your impressionable children.

This notion is, of course, moronic, as law enforcement officials basically said in response to the proposal, pointing out that they haven't received complaints about such things going on. But Naugle won't let something as inconsequential as facts restrain him-- he's decided that there's rough-as-hell man-on-man action going on behind every stall's closed door, and he won't rest until... someone does something. Preferably something that involves robots.

Naturally, activists in favor of gay rights and normal primate-level intelligence have been calling for an apology, and perhaps a resignation. And today, Naugle called a press conference, telling the media to be there to witness his apology:

"I want to apologize to the children and parents of our community, for not being aware of the problem.''

Fuckin'... Did you just fuckin' see that? Fuckin' what the fuck? He apologized for underestimating how widespread non-existent homosexual hook-ups in public places are! This problem that only exists in his head... he's apologizing for not spending more time and money on solving it! I mean... fuck, man! Just... wow! Fuck!

As you can see, I'm beyond rational thought and expression at this point. He's been raked over the coals for this for weeks now. He's become a laughingstock on a national level. And now, he calls a press conference designed to make people laugh at him even harder. I mean, who does that? Surely, he's sick of being mayor and wants to be impeached or recalled or something, right? I mean this is the kind of stupid that history's going to remember, you know?

You can read the full article here.

Seriously. Stupid isn't even the right word anymore, is it? Crazy might describe a person with such an obviously self-destructive pathology, but that seems insufficient too. Stazy? Crupid? Yeah. That's it-- this is massive crupidity on Naugle's part.

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