Oh God

I imagine many of you have already read this story, as it was posted a couple days ago and linked to by Feministing. But for those of you who haven't already seen it, I would suggest reading it. It's basically a description of the bar scene for rich, stupid 20-somethings in Washington, D.C., and it sounds like something Bret Easton Ellis might write on a particularly cynical day.

I generally try not to be too much of a class warrior. I mean, my parents live in a huge house on Maui and I make enough money that I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll be able to eat (or drink good wine, or buy CDs, or go to the movies, or anything like that). But damn... at some point, I guess you can have so much money that it just rots you from the inside. How else to explain these guys-- the type of guys so certain of their superiority that one of them will ask a woman they do not know, "Do you do anal?" Or demand of a hook-up, while having sex, "You like that Republican cock?" Or try to force a reporter on assignment to give him a handjob.

Has anyone ever done a study about the link between opulent wealth and sociopathic behavior? Or do you think it's just all the cocaine-- that these guys have artificially-inflated their sense of self-worth to such a degree that they actually think "Do you do anal?" can be a charming ice-breaker?

Update: If you want to see just how badly the "people" quoted in that article are reacting, go check out Wonkette's coverage. I especially love the guy who argues that we're all jealous and that he's somehow the equivalent of Winston Churchill as a result.--Brian

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