My brother complains I don't blog enough.

Probably true. Before the Briasaacsons joined us, I was under constant pressure from Brian to produce posts, and, well, I probably did about as much as I do now. Bless that blond, buxom (well, one of them) pair! I can't remember the last time I was scolded for my non-blogging ways. :-) Yay!

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging. Especially when I'm angry. (Same brother noted that he can tell my posts from the others almost immediately because of my "ranting" tone.) There's nothing like the general injustice of the world to set one to typing. But being that I'm a mainly cheery person, my angry spells last rarely longer than a minute or so. If one lasts five minutes, it will result in a blog post. But since most of my posts take longer than five minutes to type, I constantly detect a sort of dissipation, an anti-climax in my own writing, a big fat energy-sap... so I give up and move on.

I do contribute in other ways: why, about 10% of Brian's posts result from me telling him about this or that article in the Sun Sentinel, and, after his perfunctory, "hey why don't you blog about that?" him ending up blogging about it himself. :-D

But today I'm hoping to make a real contribution, something that my fellow bloggers, and ya'll out there in Blogistonia, Blogistan, Bloglovia, Great Blogain, Blogeslovakia (etc.) will appreciate:

Y'ever heard of SHELFARI?

Go join it. Seriously. This means you, brother-o-mine. ;-) And letterlady too. And the rest of ya'll. It's fun and useful. And you'll like it too.

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