More Thoughs on Ave Maria University

As some of you who regularly read my blog posts know, I tend to refer to Christian diploma mills like Regents University and Liberty University as "clown colleges," almost without thinking about it. And yesterday I almost applied the same appellation to Tom Monaghan's Catholic Utopia/ conservative arts indoctrination academy Ave Maria University. But then I realized-- this place isn't a clown college.

That's right. Tell your friends. From now on, we call Ave Maria University "Noid College," mm'kay?

By the way-- if you poke around Noid College's website, you realize that Tom is identified as the school's chancellor, but, unlike all the other adminstrators at Noid College, he doesn't identify his first name on the "Administration" page -- it says "Mr. Monaghan." Like, he wants to make it clear that he's in charge, and is shown this sign of respect that not even the other administrators get.

Tom's such a pompous tool. Tom, Tom, Tom.

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