Listen for the Republican Howls and the Random Ten

I figure I'll do this now instead of when I wake up--at noon. So here's the story--the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is doing a preliminary investigation into possible voter fraud in Palm Beach County.

West Palm Beach - The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is looking into whether an estimated 60 people committed voter fraud by voting in the Nov. 7 election in both New York state and Palm Beach County, according to a letter from the Florida Department of State.

Mind you, this is the same place that had pretty strong evidence that Ann Coulter committed voter fraud but couldn't find a prosecutor willing to take the case.

But even though this is a preliminary investigation, based on introductory work done by a lawyer working for the Palm Beach Republican party using methods ChoicePoint would recognize, expect the right-wingers to be in full throated howling about Democrats stealing elections.

This isn't to say that I'm nonchalant about the issue. I'm more than a little of a zealot when it comes to the issue of clean elections--they're the root of our system of government, and I look at voter fraud as akin to treason. But we're nowhere near proving voter fraud yet, so don't let the howls--and you will indeed hear them--fool you into thinking there's anything other than a preliminary investigation going on yet. If people did indeed vote twice--throw the book at them. But the howlers will make it sound like there are 31,000 Democrats who are double voting, throwing elections to Democrats in both states, and perpetrating a fraud. Tell them to take a flying Cheney at a rolling donut.

Here's the Random Ten. Put your computer's music player on Party Shuffle or whatever and post the next ten songs that come up. Be sure to distinguish between Van Hagar and Van Halen, please. Here we go.
1. With the Dark--They Might Be Giants (new album)
2. Gathering Storm--godspeed you black emperor! (don't think I've ever listened to the whole song--22 minutes long)
3. Hello City--Barenaked Ladies
4. Babylet'shaveababybeforebushdosomethingcrazy--The Coup (yes, that's how the title comes up.)
5. I May Be Wrong (but I think you're wonderful)--Hoagy Carmichael (a truly brilliant song)
6. Polythene Pam--The Beatles
7. Quarry Anthem--Big Smith (small town, hillbilly political antheming at its best)
8. So Weird--Veruca Salt
9. Invisible Sun--The Police (sans lute)
10. Hey Hey What Can I Do--Led Zeppelin (though Hootie's version is quite good--no shit).

Bonus oomph track: I Got The Power--Technotronic.

Whatcha listening to?

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