The Latest White House Scandal

Okay... um... the latest news regarding the Bush Administration is that... uh...

Fuck it. I'm not doing it. I keep meaning to blog this week, but everytime I collect my thoughts on the latest outrage being committed by the president and/or members of his administration, something new comes up. Executive privilege, Harriet Miers, Al Quaeda's back and bigger than ever, Alberto Gonzales is lying again, the Surgeon General's been pressured to suppress medical information, and... and... fuck! I have a job, dammit! I can't possibly blog fast enough to keep up. I demand that this administration slow down their scandalous behavior so that I can keep up with my responses.

Actually, maybe this is the administration's strange way of causing the leftwing blogosphere to explode. Maybe Dick Cheney and the rest of the PNAC crowd think that they can just overwhelm us to the point where we'll stop trying to keep up. Today, George W. Bush is making little girls cry. Tomorrow, he's actually going to set a puppy on fire! Suck on that, Daily Kos!

Anyway. So fuck it. I can't be bothered to be clever about this shit. Let's try this post again.

The World Series of Pop Culture is the Shiz-nit!

I'm only a little sad to admit that I'm currently obsessed with the World Series of Pop Culture. As I type this, the last contestants from Carlton Banks Dance Academy and Westerburg High are competing to see who will go on to the semi-finals. I'm kinda hoping for Carlton Banks, but Westerburg High would be fine too.

I just got to shout out "The Disorderlies!" in response to a question about the Fat Boys. I haven't thought about the Fat Boys in almost 20 years, I'm sure.

"Cool as Ice!" I just shouted in response to a question about the famous Vanilla Ice film where Vannila says, "Drop the zero and get with the hero." How awesome is this show, really?

Seriously. I don't get to use my old school hip hop knowledge often enough when I'm teaching.

Westerburg High just won, if you're curious.

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