A humble suggestion to Governor Blanco of Louisiana

As I'm sure many people who come here know, I'm a Louisiana expatriate, and I still take an interest in Louisiana politics, because despite what people from other parts of the country say, Louisiana politics is easily the most entertaining. Politicians pull stunts down there that would have a dictator of a Banana Republic blanch and steady himself on a kitchen counter.

So in that spirit, I offer the following suggestion to Governor Blanco. If David "Diaper" Vitter resigns from the Senate, I have the perfect suggestion for his replacement.


So far as I can tell, there's no rule against it. And it wasn't all that long ago--just prior to Hurricane Katrina, as I recall--when you were reasonably popular in Louisiana. You've already pulled out of running for a second term as governor, which was a wise move, but you've been given this opportunity "to continue to serve Louisiana in an even greater capacity as a Democrat in a Democratically controlled Senate." (The quotes are for your announcement.) You'd also allow Mitch Landrieu to move up to the governor's chair for the remainder of your term, which would be short, and which might cause him to reconsider getting into the governor's race. As the incumbent, he'd be helped immeasurably, and seeing as 2008 is already shaping up to be a rough year for Democrats, any boost you can get is important.

Because as I understand the system, any replacement will also be up for election in 2008 to serve out the rest of Vitter's term. You'd have a chance to team up with the two Landrieu's (since Mary is up for re-election in 2008 as well) and roll the state up. It wouldn't be easy, but if in the interim, Harry Reid could get you a plum assignment and you could get some federal aid for Louisiana, you could revamp your image as well. Louisiana is trending red, no question, but there aren't that many high profile Republicans gunning for seats right now. Bobby Jindal's got his eyes on your old job, and this would require the Republicans to field a strong candidate in a very short time frame.

Consider it. It would be the stuff of legends in Louisiana politics.

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