Happy Feet and the Random Ten

I haven't had my coffee yet, and I think I'm still reeling from the knowledge that I swept the Arnold Schwarzenegger quote category during last night Pop Culture World Series. And there wasn't even a guess in there.

Here's the Random Ten. Set your computer's music player to random shuffle and post the next ten songs that come up. No cheating to expand your funk quotient. Here we go.

1. Set It Off--Stereo MCs
2. Walk Like An Egyptian--The Bangles (I still have the 45 of this somewhere)
3. I Don't Want Control of You--Teenage Fanclub
4. Mrs. O--The Dresden Dolls
5. I'm Not Angry--Elvis Costello
6. Personality Crisis--New York Dolls
7. And What If I Don't--Herbie Hancock
8. Curbside Prophet--Jason Mraz
9. Another Brick In the Wall (Part II)--Pink Floyd
10. Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor--Mississippi John Hurt

That coffee should be about ready. Regular ranting will resume later. What subject are you ashamed you have a lot of knowledge on?

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