For a Bit of Fun...

Click here to read a story from the Sun-Sentinel about local efforts to get Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim "Robotoilets" Naugle to resign. It seems that the gays have taken a break from sucking each other off in public restrooms just long enough to launch an effective and rational protest. They're nefarious like that.

But the real fun comes from reading the comments on the story. As most South Floridians know, the comments sections of stories posted on the Sun Sentinel's website are where you go to find intelligent, insightful commentary on the issues of the day. Most of the time, posters are devoted to explaining (with lots of errors in spelling, grammar, and logic) how African Americans and Latinos are ruining our country. But today, it's the gays. The best comment so far, I think, comes from "Reality" of Deerfield Beach, who says to the anti-bigotry crowd, "Hope you enjoy yourself with all those rectums." After such a pleasant wish, you'd think that Mr. (or Ms.) Reality would be in favor of gay rights-- in fact, though, he's not. Still. It's a nice thing to say-- Reality's not down with rectums, but he hopes those who are into them enjoy themselves. It's a peace offering, I think. An olive branch. Stick it wherever you want.

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