Fake badassery

Shannon has been discovering just how racist the comments that follow news stories can be. I sent her, I'm ashamed to say, to some even more despicable sites to show how extreme it can really get--google Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler if you want a taste; I'm not linking those fuckers--but after reading this rather pedestrian story about 70 Cubans turned back by the Coast Guard, I decided to wade in and see what the readers had to say on the subject.

For the most part, it was either statements that the wet foot/dry foot policy needs to go or congratulations about how the Coast Guard finally caught some brown folks and sent them back--the typically racist stuff you'd expect to see.

And then there was this guy, Don Corleone of Medina, Ohio, who wrote:

Finally they caught some. The coast guard needs to have patrol boats sitting just outside of cuban waters on a permanent basis to stop these people. Enough is enough with these freakin illegals.

Fight for you useless country. Stand up like men. Opps..i forgot..they are spineless. just let your women do battle for you cowards. All you are good for is beating your women anyway

I have to wonder just how long it would take for the Don to knuckle under and beg for his life if he lived in a totalitarian regime. I'm sure he's seen Red Dawn three dozen times and imagines himself the second coming of Lone Wolf McQuade, that he practices his roundhouse kicks while slinging his nunchaku ever faster and faster. I picture the Don as more of a contemporary right-wing Ignatius Reilly, who has upgraded his Big Chief tablet for a laptop, who complains about the state of his pyloric valve and loudly disdains Myrna Minkoff while secretly lusting after her and hoping to impress her with his internet strength.

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