Explosions and other problems

My mom emails me to tell me that there have now been two explosions in her town. Both are related to ComEd pipes. Monday's explosion apparently blew utility hole covers 50 feet into the air. Tuesday's explosion blew up a street light. Awesome.

My brother lives in Japan, north of the nuclear power plant that leaked after the two earthquakes off of the shore of the Niigata prefecture (it's about a 2 hour trip by commuter train). Awesome. (he's fine. And he slept right through the earthquake. I don't know how you sleep through an earthquake when you sleep on the floor, but apparently he managed to).

And now a steam pipe in New York has blown up. Awesome.

(I'm also rather alarmed by that plane crash in Sao Paulo).

In good news, researchers in Zurich are developing a nasal spray to combat shyness in adults.

As I finish this up, MSNBC reports that the city of NYC has confirmed at least one death.

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