Draft College Republicans

Max Blumenthal has posted a video of some really brave young people who aren't intellectually dishonest at all. Did you ever wonder what type of a craven, cowardly loser would say that he supports the war, but that fighting in it is "just not for me"? Well, wonder no more (turns out he's got a bad haircut and trouble expressing himself coherently-- go figure).

Here's a list of things I have more use for than a College Republican who refuses to enlist:

Billy Joel's Greatest Hits (Volume Three)
Naked pictures of Mel Brooks
Edgar Bergen, radio's greatest ventriloquist
a McGriddles breakfast sandwich with extra cheese
Tickets to see The Bruce Willis Blues Band in concert
The Complete Rob Schneider DVD Collection
Rick Santorum (seriously)
A Very Morrissey Christmas Album

Seriously... all of these things are more useful to me than a College Republican in America today.

Come to think of it, a Morrissey Christmas album would be kinda bad-ass.

Anyway, let me know what you find less worthless than those lying, lazy, shiftless, cowardly collar-flippers.

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