Damn It... and a Random Ten

For some reason, my Internet connection just kicked me off just as I was putting the finishing touches on a rather elegantly-phrased post about Bob Allen's press conference yesterday, wherein he insisted, as expected, that he is "absolutely not guilty" of offering a police officer $20 for the opportunity to fellate him. So frustrating.

Anyway, take a gander at joemygod's rather comprehensive look at Allen's career-- and please note that this is a guy who seems to really dislike gay people and is a bit preoccupied with the idea that someone might have some type of sexual contact in a public place. I'm not saying he's guilty necessarily, but if he is, then this is a guy who has clearly hated himself for a long time.

On a completely unrelated note, the teenage girls who live downstairs are now fighting, apparently, and are trying to see who can be louder-- the one watching TV or the one listening to music. That's my cue to go swim. So much for reconstructing my post.

Anyway, here's the random ten. You know the rules-- shuffle songs, post songs. Don't leave out the bad music-- if you bought the Jim Belushi sings the blues album, revel in it, baby.

1) John Cale-- "I Keep A Close Watch"
2) Prince-- "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad"
3) Warren Zevon-- "Rub Me Raw"
4) Dixie Chicks-- "Not Ready to Make Nice"
5) Sarah McLachlan-- "Sweet Surrender"
6) U2-- "Beautiful Day"
7) Macy Gray-- "Glad You're Here"
8) Elvis Costello-- "Monkey to Man"
9) The Cure-- "The End of the World"
10) The Rolling Stones-- "Undercover of the Night"

Yo, yo-- check my style out. Put your tape decks on record. 1995!

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