Computer Games for Girls

Bradley and I were tooling around the electronics section of Target last night when I ran across this charming computer game.

It’s called “My Fantasy Wedding” and it promises all the excitement of planning a wedding day. From picking your ideal groom to picking the kind of cake you’ll have. It’s all there! You can watch the wedding unfold according to your plans! (It’s not the only game like this out there)

I know that Bradley has discussed some of our experiences with the modern marriage industry

And this game certainly struck me as part of the absurdity of it all. Really, a game to play to prepare you to go through the steps of planning a ridiculously expensive wedding.

I will grant that when Bradley and I got married, we spent a fair amount of money, and we certainly paid for some things that my parents were probably horrified by. For example, we had a DJ. My parents, who married in 1971, had a wedding on the super-cheap at their alma mater, performed by the campus minister, and had the reception the house of everyone’s favorite English professor. They didn’t have a cake; they had a loaf of bread (okay, it was the early 70s, and it was a weirdly liberal little Lutheran school).

But still, this is endemic of the entire wedding-industry. This is marketing weddings to women (girls – it’s rated “E for Everyone”) who don’t even have wedding plans in sight. As Bradley explained in his post about our wedding, we did have a good experience planning for the wedding and an awesome time at the wedding. But it wasn’t because we had some sort of fantasy that the wedding day would be the most important day of our life where everything had to go exactly perfectly (it didn’t).

There’s so much good commentary on this out in the ethers of the blogosphere, so I’m not going to rehearse it here for you. Suffice it to say that I was not amused.

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